Victory at Video Poker

The popular online casino game of video poker is derived from the five card draw poker using a standard 52 card deck. The objective of video poker is to build a winning hand from the five cards distributed. The player is initially dealt five cards to start the game. The player is then given the opportunity to hold on or exchange one or more cards taken from the same virtual deck. Next, the poker video machine assesses the new hand and provides a payout if it matches one of the winning card combinations as highlighted in the pay schedule.

The majority of these machines give back roughly 96% to 98% of the revenue taken in. Video poker payouts begin with a minimum hand of a pair of jacks. The highest payout is for the royal flush. For aggressive players looking for the big payout, progressive video poker machines are the way to go. A network of video poker machines each make a contribution to the jackpot whenever a bet is made. The size of this jackpot can grow very quickly.

For the smart gambler, there are different actions that can be undertaken to strengthen their odds of winning. One is participate at a full pay video poker game. This means playing at a full compensation machine with a minimum 9/6 payouts, nothing less. For each credit made as a wager, a Flush disburses 9 chips and a Full House gives out 6 chips. Another is to bet continuously the maximum number of chips. The purpose is to qualify for the progressive jackpot for hitting the Royal Flush.